My daughter Kate is a senior at Wilson Hill Academy, an online school she’s attended since ninth grade. Once a year, Wilson Hill students and families attend an in-person event called LINK where they have field day competitions, awards ceremonies, and graduation. This week, we’ll be traveling to Colorado to attend LINK and my daughter’sContinue reading “Sparrows”

The Rhythm of Shadows

Today, I set up the Kindle version of my third book, Shadow and Memory. As I’ve mentioned, I’m hoping to self-publish it this month or next. A proof of the paperback will arrive this week so that I can make a last check for errors. I am in the home stretch! When putting together aContinue reading “The Rhythm of Shadows”

A Clergyman Is as Useless as a Cat

At the end of 2022, a friend asked if I would like to read a book with him: Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton. I had read it about 20 years ago and loved it so I readily agreed. Orthodoxy chronicles Chesterton’s return to the Catholic Church after wandering the wastes of intellectual modernism. Chesterton is aContinue reading “A Clergyman Is as Useless as a Cat”


Mozart’s Requiem is a deeply profound piece of music written for orchestra, choir, and vocal soloists. I have loved it since high school. A requiem is a Catholic funeral mass with different sections that help worshipers meditate on realities of the Christian faith related to death. Themes include eternal rest, God’s wrath, final judgment, andContinue reading “Requiem”

New Song

On Easter, Christians often greet each other with the exchange, “He is risen!” “He is risen, indeed!” This expresses our belief that Christ’s resurrection is a fact—a fact assuring us death is not the end of our story, individually or as a community. “New Song” is a poem in my third book, Shadow and Memory,Continue reading “New Song”

Lawn Gone

Since I posted a poem about my daughter last week, I thought I’d post one about my son this week. Like last week’s poem, “Lawn Gone” captures my reflections about kids growing and reaching maturity. Speaking of reaching maturity, I am excited to say my third book, Shadow and Memory is finished. Yesterday, I startedContinue reading “Lawn Gone”

Alarm Clock

My daughter is a senior in high school. Next month, she and I are visiting the college she plans to attend. Adulthood is closing in fast. Before long, the days of having “my little girl” at home will be past. I’ve hardly begun to accept this fact. Thinking about my daughter growing up reminded meContinue reading “Alarm Clock”


In January, I released my first chapbook, The State of Mercury. In my post about its release, I mentioned this chapbook has poems about the many moods and states we pass through as people. Today’s post features a poem from The State of Mercury. This poem will also be included in my third book, ShadowContinue reading “Lazy”

Night Train

Sometimes, we all have trouble sleeping. Several times a month I find myself restless or laying there wide awake or harassed by noises, and I can’t fall asleep. As annoying as this can be, sleepless nights have also been the birthplace of many poems. Below is one I wrote a few months ago in theContinue reading “Night Train”