Sweet Roll

I’ve been sick most of the last week. During that time, I wrote three poems about cats sleeping. Sometimes, when you slow down (or have to slow down) you notice things going at other paces. Two of my poems about cats sleeping may or may not have explored ideas of non-being and indeterminacy đŸ˜‰ WhatContinue reading “Sweet Roll”

Late Afternoon

Tanka is a Japanese form of poetry I learned about last year. Haiku is a related form that started as part of Tanka. Haiku has a 5 syllable line followed by a seven syllable line, and ends with another 5 syllable line. Tanka begins with the same arrangement but adds two seven syllable lines atContinue reading “Late Afternoon”


Haiku is a Japanese poetic form I became acquainted with through the writings of JD Salinger. One of his recurring characters is Seymour Glass, and Seymour enjoys writing haikus. Haiku is a simple, three line form: a line of five syllables, a line of seven syllables, and a line of five syllables. Haiku began asContinue reading “Janitor”