Lawn Gone

Since I posted a poem about my daughter last week, I thought I’d post one about my son this week. Like last week’s poem, “Lawn Gone” captures my reflections about kids growing and reaching maturity.

Speaking of reaching maturity, I am excited to say my third book, Shadow and Memory is finished. Yesterday, I started the self-publishing process: designing the cover, writing an introduction, and converting the manuscript to book form. I am looking at an April or May release! “Lawn Gone” will be one of the poems in this new book.

Lawn Gone

My son plays in the backyard 
every day
and always in the same place;

he’s left a dog run
of dead grass and dirt
in that spot.

For years, I got after him about it,
trying to make him aware 
of his effect on the lawn. 

Then he turned 10 or 11,
and I quit.

Any victory would’ve been
pyrrhic at best.

when I see that bare patch,
I remember a child
is growing there.

the grass will fill in.

I won’t reseed.

Whenever I can,
I’ll visit what is left
of that empty place

until the grass 
covers it again.

Published by mrteague

Teague McKamey lives in Washington state with his wife and two children. Teague’s poetry has appeared in several journals and in self-published books. He blogs at and In all areas of life, Teague desires that Christ may be magnified in his body (Php. 1:20).

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