A Fly Buzzed Me before It Died

Poets can take themselves too seriously. That’s why I enjoy reading, and sometimes writing, light verse. Humor—in life and in writing—helps us keep perspective. In a world too often caught in a morass of self-importance, a good laugh can be a life line.

Awhile back, a fly buzzed past my face while I was brushing my teeth. An ironic reversal of Emily Dickinson’s poem, “I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died,” flashed through my mind and led to this poem.

I would encourage you to read Dickinson’s before mine. One, it is a classic poem worth knowing. Also, when I parody a piece, part of the fun is staying close to the original, so it is recognizable even as I have fun with it. In any case, I hope my revision doesn’t bug any Dickinson fans 😉

A Fly Buzzed Me before It Died

A Fly buzzed me before it died - 
The Stillness when I Raised
My hand Was like the Stillness before
The Lightning’s jagged Race -

My Eyes ran ‘round pursuing that fly -
My Fist was gathering firm
For that last Onset - when its Strike
Would fall with thundering Boom -

I steeled my Will then Slapped away
But missed with every try 
Until, by chance, I hit it in
Mid-flight—-I got you, Fly!

With Blue - uncertain - stumbling Buzz -
Down through the light - it fell -
And bounced from a Window to the floor -
Just one stop short from Hell.

Published by mrteague

Teague McKamey lives in Washington state with his wife and two children. Teague’s poetry has appeared in several journals and in self-published books. He blogs at thevoiceofone.org and awanderingminstrel.com. In all areas of life, Teague desires that Christ may be magnified in his body (Php. 1:20).

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