Other Sites and Poets

Poetry Foundation and Poets.org–Both of these sites are great sources of information about poetry and poets. Both also have enormous online libraries of poems you can read for free.

Writer’s Digest is another resource Teague uses from time to time. In particular, the list of 168 poetic forms is a wonderful compendium that can inform and push writers to try new things.

The Voice of One is Teague’s other blog, focused on Christian spirituality and the Bible. Teague often posts his own poems about spirituality or poems by others that inspire his faith.

Andrea, Children’s Book Illustrator doesn’t have much to do with poetry, I just love the illustrations! So if you need a dose of clean lines, color, and laughter, check out Andrea’s site.

Below is a list of poets whose work has impacted Teague:

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Charles Bukowski
Arthur Clough
EE Cummings
Emily Dickinson
John Donne
Robert Frost
Kahlil Gibran
Christopher Harvey
Robert Hayden
George Herbert
Ben Jonson
Mary Karr
Robert Kelly
Joyce Kilmer
Philip Larkin
Robert Lowell
Archibald MacLeisch
John Milton
Edwin Morgan
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Rabindranath Tagore
Dylan Thomas
Bruce Weigl
Franz Wright
Henry Vaughan
W.B. Yeats